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GEO-ENVITECH Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Services Ltd. was founded in 2012.

It would seem the company is young but no, because the founder owner of the company has 31 years experience in the environmental and geotechnical planning, civil and water engineering.

The manager, senior engineer of the Ltd is a qualified hydrogeologist, engineer geologist, certificated water supply and water management engineer with a 31-year-long career as a designer, with professional and execution experience in the field of environmental protection, underground facilities, water constructional works and geotechnology.

One of the greatest fundamental principles of our company’s management is the application of the highly-developed designing technology, ensuring the financial and professional conditions, supporting continuous training and self-education. Our company promotes the Employer’s interests in every stage of the investment ensuring that the project is carried out with a technically excellent quality at the lowest cost, as quickly as possible. We make proposals for solutions considered to be proper by us, but the final decision is always the Customer’s right andresponsibility, since the project will be carried out at their use and expense.

The essential aim of the Geo-Envitech Ltd. is to turn into an engineering agency listed in Hungary as well as to reinforce and extend its actual position and market share. In order to achieve this aim the principal claim of the operating is to satisfy the buyers’ demands at the highest level and to provide competitive service of high quality, in accordance with the concerning and effective national respectively European Union laws, standards and technical regulations.

The management, co-workers and partners of the Company have a vocation to provide a high-class service, where the appropriate financial and material resources stand at their disposal.

The Ltd has earned sponsoring the competition endowment “Sponsoring job creation of enterprises in the sub-region of Kazincbarcika”, advertised within the framework ofthe project No. SH/1/1 „Job creation development in Kazincbarcika and its agglomeration” with its competition trending to the European development of geotechnical services.

Also, valuable geotechnical and engineering software programs are being purchased within the frame of sponsoring contract. The advantage of applying these programs is promoting and speeding up the decision process for flexibility and efficiency.

Our manager, senior engineer is member of the Chamber of Hungarian Engineers, possessing the following titles:

  • Szém-8 Environmental Protection Expert
  • SZKV-zr noise and flutter protection
  • SZKV-hu waste management
  • SZKV-le air clearness protection
  • SZKV-vf water and geological substance protection
  • GT-Sz Geotechnical Expert
  • KV-T Environmental Engineer Designer (project and technology)
  • GT-T Geotechnical Designer
  • VZ-T Hydraulic Engineer Managing Designer
  • VZ-T-ell Hydraulic Engineer Managing Designer, with project supervisor rights
  • MV-VZ/A-BOMÉK 05-513319 Chief Technical Manager
  • ME-VZ-I-BOMÉK 05-51319 Technical Supervisor

The senior engineer is member of the Hungarian Chamber of Judicial Experts as an environmental and geotechnical expert.

Geo-Envitech Ltd. performs surface explorations with responsible regular subcontractors (soil mechanics drilling exploration) and determination of physical parameters of soil samples (soil identifier researches, shearing- and oppressive strength etc.)

For geotechnical designing operations the GEO-5 software package is utilized which supports the accomplishment of the following engineering works:

  • supervision of splay stability
  • rock stability analysis
  • measuring of trench limitation (grooved and tongues piling)
  • counterfort designing: earth pressure, bridge abutment, gravity wall, gabion wall, border retaining wall, brickset structures, prefabricated walls
  • foundation designing: plains, sheet, beam, stake, stake group, micro stake
  • subsidence calculation, surface settling

Owners of the Ltd:

Mrs. Edit Némethné Makkai managing director
Mr. Csaba Németh manager, senior engineer

Contact us:

Address of registered Head Office:

2 Kassai út
H-3636 Hungary


Mrs. Edit Némethné Makkai managing director +3620/6697-597
Mr. Csaba Németh manager, senior engineer +3630/9681-957



GEO-ENVITECH Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Services Ltd. Addr: 2 Kassai út, Vadna, H-3636 Hungary